Experts Warn Pet Parents To Keep Dogs Away From The Thanksgiving Table

As pet parents, it’s tempting to want our pups to be involved in every aspect of life. They’re parts of the family and we want them to be treated as such. But sometimes, pet parents do things out of love that can harm their furry family.

As a general rule, dogs shouldn’t be fed table scraps or “human” food without advisement from their veterinarian, but many families offer their pups food from their plates without thinking twice.


One day that it’s especially easy to give pets some table food is Thanksgiving. It’s a day when many families gather around the table to eat and it only makes sense to want to include our dogs in the mix.

However, many experts are warning pet parents to keep their dogs away from the Thanksgiving table!

The Pet Poison Helpline shared Pippa’s story, for example, to warn others about the dangers that Thanksgiving may have on pets.

Photo: flickr/Oleg

Pippa, a 2-year-old golden retriever, snuck into the family kitchen on Thanksgiving Day last year and dug into the food on the table. Specifically, he chowed on some rising bread and fell ill.

An emergency vet visit revealed that bread with yeast can be toxic for dogs and can result in emergency surgery being needed. Thankfully, Pippa was able to be treated and pass the dough without surgery, but it was a good reminder for his owners to keep him out of the kitchen.

The Pet Food Institute also warns pet parents to avoid giving their pets table scraps this holiday season.

Photo: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

They explain, “While it may be tempting to slip your pet a treat from the dinner table, many of the foods we eat may be harmful to pets.”

Some foods that pets should avoid include the following:

– Coffee grounds
– Fatty foods
– Chocolate
– Avocado
– Yeast dough
– Grapes and raisins
– Salt
– Macadamia nuts
– Onions
– Garlic
– Alcohol

Stay safe and happy holidays!

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