Adorable Emotional Support Puppy Wins “Pet of the Week”

“He knows when I’m stressed and will not leave my side,” said Helene Ginsburg. “He looks at me and comes up to kiss my face and lays down on my chest.”

Newsweek’s Pet of the Week and the touching stories of the program’s winners and finalists have inspired many people to join it. They send in videos and photos of their pets and share what makes these animals special in their lives.

Photo: YouTube/ViralBe

Recently, a Yorkshire Terrier named Cooper was picked out by Newsweek as Pet of the Week. The puppy belongs to Helene Ginsburg, a resident of Florida, who suffers from depression and anxiety. Since being adopted in May 2020, when the puppy was still 8 weeks old, he has served as a fantastic emotional support animal to Helene.

“He has made a remarkable difference in my life, and my friends and neighbors always tell me so,” said Helene. “He gives me purpose and so much love and happiness. I cannot be anywhere without him.”

Photo: YouTube/ViralBe

According to the American Kennel Club, emotional support dogs are not the same as service dogs. It is legal for mental health professionals to prescribe emotional support animals to people in need of emotional support and to help them function on a daily basis.

The major difference between an emotional support dog and a service dog is that the latter receives training in order to perform a task or service that is specifically related to a person’s disability. An emotional support dog, on the other hand, can help a person through natural expressions of love like cuddling and loyal companionship.

Photo: YouTube/ViralBe

Cooper is an excellent emotional support dog who has brought joy and meaning to Helene’s life. He has helped her to overcome attacks of anxiety and depression. This is why, to Helene, the adorable and loyal puppy is her most precious treasure.

Congratulations, Cooper!

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