Terminally Ill Son Receives Surprise Visit From Spiderman

When cancer touches our lives, it really does so in a profound way. I would imagine that everybody has been touched in some way or another, either directly or through a family member that suffers from that horrible disease.

It is especially difficult when a child suffers, and Jayden was only five years old, yet he was already dealing with a grade 4 brain tumor.

Photo: YouTube/Mike Wilson 3RUN

Unfortunately, the youngster was not given a good prognosis. They said that he only had a year to live, according to his Facebook page.

In order to celebrate his fifth birthday and to do the most special thing he could, his father, Mike, went the extra mile. He had a special Spiderman suit custom-made to fit him and he showed up at the party in a most awesome way.

Photo: YouTube/Mike Wilson 3RUN

Mike was able to jump off the roof and land right in front of his son. Fortunately, he knows how to parkour so he could do so safely and it really had an impact.

We all have heroes in our lives. Sometimes they show up out of the blue and at other times, they’ve been with us all along.

Photo: YouTube/Mike Wilson 3RUN

It seems as if Jayden also has a hero in his life, and sometimes that hero is his dad and at other times, it is Spiderman. The beautiful thing is, they are one and the same.

Watch it happening for yourself in this touching video:

Jayden tragically passed away on Christmas Even back in 2014.

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