Happy Tenrec Takes A Dust Bath In A Tiny Tub

The Cincinnati Zoo is home to a wild variety of animals, and they regularly share about the animals in their care on social media.

One adorable little mammal named Briar has gained all the attention lately after a video of him taking a dust bath went viral.

Photo: Instagram/@cincinnatizoo

In the video, you can see the sweet little tenrec rubbing down in his tiny tub and fully basking in the glory of a dust bath.

While Briar might appear to be a hedgehog to an untrained eye, he’s actually a different species known as a tenrec.

Photo: Instagram/@cincinnatizoo

According to SeaWorld, tenrecs are small to medium-sized insectivorous mammals found primarily on the island of Madagascar. There are about 34 known species of tenrecs, which range in size from about 4 to 39 cm in length and can weigh between 10 g to 1.6 kg.

Tenrecs are characterized by their pointy snouts and have a shrew-like appearance. Much like hedgehogs, tenrecs typically have spines or quills on their backs, which are used for defense against predators. The quills can be erected when threatened, making the tenrec appear larger and more intimidating.

Photo: Flickr/Bernard DUPONT License: CC BY-SA 2.0

The zoo shared the adorable video on Instagram with the caption: “Briar the tenrec taking a bath! Found in Madagascar and parts of the African mainland, tenrecs closely resemble hedgehogs but, in fact, they’re unrelated.”

You can see Briar enjoying his dust bath for yourself in the video below:

How cute is he?

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