Dogs Celebrate Birthday With Tennis Ball Piñata Surprise

There may be many celebrations throughout the year and they could be celebrated in different ways.

For some people, however, there’s nothing like hanging a piñata and enjoying the fun.

Photo: Instagram/@mr.chocolate.moose

People around the world have enjoyed this festive option for their parties. They may be filled with candy or other items, but have you ever heard about a piñata being filled with tennis balls?

This wasn’t done for a tennis professional. It was actually done for dogs. When Moose (who goes on Instagram by @mr.chocolate.moose) was celebrating his birthday, his human, Hannah Hensel, decided to do something special.

Photo: Instagram/@mr.chocolate.moose

She knew that Moose, who was a chocolate lab, loved tennis balls. He was also celebrating along with his doggie brother, Ryder.

The unique piñata was made especially for dogs. To release the treats from the inside, all Moose had to do was grab a tennis ball that was dangling from it.

Photo: Instagram/@mr.chocolate.moose

A few dogs gave it a shot at the party and eventually, when the tab was pulled, the box turned over and more tennis balls fell to the ground. It was a special surprise for a special dog.

Check out the sweet moment below:

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