Tennessee Police Officer Wrangles Beaver Running Inside St. Francis Hospital

Early Christmas morning, Bartlett Police Department received a call from St. Francis Hospital about a furry intruder running through the halls.

Officer Read arrived and captured the beaver who was causing a stir. The police department shared the rescue story on Facebook and wrote, “Things you do not want under your tree on Christmas morning…at 0645 this morning we received a call about a beaver loose inside of St. Francis. Officer Read made sure the beaver found a good home.”

Photo: Facebook/Bartlett Police Department

St. Francis is known as the patron saint of animals and several fans were amused that the beaver chose this hospital.

One wrote, “This is an extra fun story bc St Francis loved all animals. He’s the one whose statue you often find in gardens holding birds and with animals around him. This was just a Christmas gift!”

Photo: Facebook/Bartlett Police Department

The beaver was making itself at home and even tasted a leg of the piano before being wrangled into a cart. Thankfully, it didn’t do any extensive damage.

Photo: Facebook/Bartlett Police Department

Another asked to see the body cam footage, which the department happily provided. The footage shows that after a game of chase, the officer was finally able to capture the big creature and wheel it out of the hospital. The beaver was safely released into a nearby stream.

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