Evicted Tenants Complained About Their Landlord’s Decision That Was Made 22 Years Ago

Finding the right house for your family can be quite challenging, and you are lucky if you find kind landlords. Perhaps you do not have to worry about stabilizing your budget for the rent or mortgage since they offered you a great and fair deal. Aside from rent payment, there are other details that you must pay attention to while discussing matters with your landlord. For instance, the duration of your stay and how long the house is for rent. If the landlord clearly mentioned that detail to you, future plans must be made during your stay in that house.

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Reddit user myacc0unt79, a former landlord, brought this issue to the platform. Apparently, their tenants were displeased when they were evicted from their house after 22 years. In the landlords’ defense, they made it clear that the house would only be available for around that amount of time. The house was meant to be a gift for the couple’s son, and they only planned to place it for rent so it woulddn’t be unoccupied for long.

“Our son is 22 years old. When he was born, we bought a second home, always with the intention of gifting it to him when he was an adult. It’s a modest home (2 bedroom bungalow, with a developed basement that has an additional room) about 10 minutes from where we live,” OP explained. “When we bought it, we listed it for rent, and a lovely couple started renting. They went on to have 6 children. They chose not to move and continue living in the 3 bedroom home with the kids.

They had a great discussion before the family moved in and had no problems during their stay. The pay in rent was alright for the family. OP and her husband only raised the rent four times over all those years. “When they started renting, we did talk to them, we did tell them this house was eventually for our son, we never actually expected to have the same renters for 22 years.” Now that their son has graduated from university, the couple reminded the family about their agreement and gave them 2 months’ eviction notice.

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“Understandably, they are not happy. They have been posting all over social media about what bad people we are, kicking them out, how they can’t afford to rent anything big enough for their family. Their oldest kid (19) even found my son on Facebook and sent him a horrible message (he had no idea we were planning to gift this to him),” myacc0unt79 shared. The family painted the couple as terrible landlords.

However, their complaints were invalid, especially when they knew the couple’s plan. OP even clarified that 5 years ago, the family did not renew the lease, since they were planning to buy a house and move to a month-to-month lease. The family shouldn’t force their entitlement to the place, which many Reddit users agreed upon. People couldn’t help but write lengthy comments to support myacc0unt79.

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“NTA, you literally gave them 22 years to prepare, how could you be the AH??? Everyone here saying Y-T-A is insane. You have been more than fair, even keeping them at a low rent, how could they say you are TA?” badbreathbandit wrote. “You are not responsible for providing them housing. Based on their actions, I would hold firm on a two month deadline. Had they been civil, I would have extended it, but they do not deserve it. You will be lucky if they dont wreck the house at this point.”

OP also added updates on her Reddit post, which made the family’s action much more unreasonable. Reddit users advised myacc0unt79 to cut ties when everything is settled and ignore social media, especially since their former tenants have made a scene. Thankfully, OP brought her story to Reddit and received advice from anonymous people. If you have advice or just wanted to console OP, you can still join the discussion and learn a thing or two from the comments below the post.

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