Teens Wake At 4:30am To Shovel Neighbor’s Driveway So She Can Make It To Her Dialysis Appointment

When you’re a senior in high school, a snowstorm can be a lot of fun. It can mean that school is likely to be canceled and you get to enjoy a day at home or out having fun.

But when you’re an adult, snowstorms can add a whole layer of complexity to everyday life.

You still have to go to work, take kids to their appointments, get groceries, and do all the things you’re supposed to do – but you have to do it with icy roads and frigid temperatures.

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For Natalie Blair, a New Jersey storm ended up putting her in a life or death situation after her driveway became blanketed in snow.

According to CNN, Blair relies on dialysis treatments, but she can’t shovel her own driveway when it piles up with snow.

Her neighbor, EMT Brian Lanigan, occasionally shovels her driveway for her, but on one particularly stormy day, he had to work and was unable to help out. The storm happened to fall the night before Blair needed to make dialysis, making matters even worse.

Photo: flickr/Dawn Scranton

Not wanting Blair’s life and wellbeing to be at risk, Brian’s little brother Patrick decided to setup up and help. He even got some friends to help alongside him!

The five teens, all high school seniors, stayed at Patrick’s house until it was time to shovel snow at 4:30 am. Working together, it took less than 30 minutes for the boys to clear Blair’s driveway so she could drive to her appointment!

Peter Lanigan, Patrick’s dad, was so proud that he tweeted about the moment and shared photos of the boys with their snow shovels:

According to CNN, Peter said that Patrick’s act of kindness wasn’t out of character for him at all. He described Patrick as a “small kid with a big heart.”

A little kindness makes the world go round!

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