Teenager Makes A Boat From A Couch Cushion And Saves Her Dog From A Flood

Natural disasters have affected people around the world in recent years. It has always been a problem, but it seems as if those problems are getting worse and worse as climate change becomes a reality.

This was seen recently in Kentucky when devastating floods overtook many neighborhoods and it wasn’t long before the homes were underwater.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

This affected people in more ways than one, and that is seen in a story about a 17-year-old girl and her beloved dog.

Chloe Adams was at home alone when the floodwaters started to come up around the home. Her house was only one story, and she soon recognized that she had to get out of the house because the floodwaters were getting so high.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The problem is, she had Sandy with her. Sandy is her beloved dog and they have been inseparable since she was young. Once she tested to see if Sandy could swim, she found out that she couldn’t so she got creative.

According to Inside Edition, the teenager needed to get to a neighbor’s roof, which is one of the only areas that were still above water. She grabbed a plastic bucket and put it on a couch cushion to create a boat that would get Sandy to safety.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

They went over to her neighbor’s rooftop, climbed on top, and sat there, waiting to be rescued. At one point, Chloe even wondered if she would lose her life.

Fortunately, her cousin was there to assist and he paddled over in a kayak. She waited on the rooftop for five hours but then help finally arrived.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

When her cousin kayaked over, she made Sandy go first. After her cousin got Sandy to safety, he returned to get Chloe.

Check out the video below:

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