Teen Tells Stepmom to Drop Dead After Being Asked to Share Inheritance

It’s important for couples with kids from previous marriages who want to marry again to remember that it’s not their kids’ choice to become a stepfamily. It’s their decision as adults to form a new family that’s entirely different and more difficult than normal nuclear families.

It’s why considering the rights and perspectives of children in stepfamilies is also vital to effectively handle conflicts not only between stepsiblings but stepparents and stepchildren as well.

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Sadly, in this viral Reddit post, a teenage girl found herself in conflict not only with her stepmom — but with her dad, too! It’s her stepsiblings who have later made apologies to her after the misunderstanding that was created by their mom, which escalated into a full-blown family scandal during their birthday party.

This story was posted on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum by this teenage girl with the username u/MEvsSTEPMOMaita, sharing the following details: “My (17F) mom died a little over a year ago. I was living with her full-time before she passed. She left me a lot of money and her house. Since the house was just going to stay empty until I was done with college, my aunt (on my mom’s side) and I talked about it, and we agreed she would stay there since she’s taking care of my grandma and her place was small. I will move back in once I’ve finished my schooling.”

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The post also revealed that her dad assumed that her mom left OP her money but the house to her aunt. OP admitted that she didn’t trust her dad, with whom she didn’t share a good relationship. But she had to live with him after her mom died, and there were his current wife, Jan, and her twin daughters, whom she must live with in a 3-bedroom flat, to deal with. OP had no problems with the twins, who were kind toward her.

But then trouble brewed when OP’s dad found out that her mom had left her the house. How he discovered the truth, OP did not have any idea. However, from then on, her dad has been speaking harshly about how selfish she was for not allowing their family to move into the house she inherited. And that she was also greedy for not sharing with them the money she got from her mom. Her stepsiblings have to get loans as a result in order to finish their education. She was endlessly accused of being a spoilt brat and a terrible person.

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Then, during the twins’ birthday, things got completely out of control, as OP continued to reveal: “This weekend was the twins’ birthday at my grandma’s house. Most of my dad’s family was there (we get along great usually), his wife’s family, and some of both of their friends, along with the twins’ friends. After they were done opening my present to them, they asked me if that was really it. (I got them matching bracelets with their birthstones, which they both loved, btw). It got quiet, and I asked them what else they were expecting. They said Jan said that I was planning on surprising them on their birthday by telling them we were moving into my mom’s house and helping them with college.”

OP was deeply shocked. Her grandma asked her stepmom if it was true, and Jan started blaming OP once more. She wanted OP to stop being a “bitch” and be fair to them by helping them out.

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In fury, OP told her to “drop dead.” Yes, if her stepmom wanted their family situation to be fair, she should also die so that her daughters and OP would share the same fate — being motherless. Then, she would share her inheritance, including the house, with her stepsiblings.

OP’s dad and stepmom reacted in rage, viciously shouting at OP, while OP’s grandma and uncles shouted back at them. After the incident, everything was over in bitterness.

The teenage girl described what happened next with the usual question for the AITA community: “The whole ride home, my dad and Jan were getting calls and texts from family and friends telling them they were disappointed in them, and I was getting texts from Jan’s family, the twins’ friends, and a few of my own cousins saying I was selfish. I don’t usually fight with my cousins, so I’m really starting to think maybe I am being selfish and that I went too far at the twins’ party. AITA?”

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But the AITA community proved to be deeply sympathetic toward this girl. They reminded OP that her real mom left her the house and her money so she could have a brighter future. As for her greedy stepmom and irresponsible father, it’s best for OP to leave them and move in with a good-hearted relative so she can focus on finishing her education and fulfilling her dream.

And yes, in an edit, OP expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone in the AITA community for their inspiring messages: “Thank you guys so much for the support. When everyone who usually backs you up says you’re an AH, it’s hard to believe you’re not. But as some of you guessed, my cousins heard the word inheritance and got greedy, and that’s why they sided with them. I was getting texts asking for money from them these past few days.

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“I am moving in with my grandma on my dad’s side. She picked me up this morning, and we’ve been moving my stuff instead of going to school today. The twins talked to their friends, and they texted their apologies. Although I’m not going to pay for their whole college experience, I think I’m going to help them buy books and with on-campus living. They have really had my back on this, and that’s amazing! I’m going NC with my dad. He chose her (stepmom) over me, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

That’s how a parent and a stepparent lose a good child, by daring to violate her rights out of greed, disrespecting her as a person, and attempting to dishonor a dead woman’s wish for her daughter to have a better life.

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