Teen Helps Evacuate Baby After Flaming Car Crashes Into A Bus

An 18-year-old high school student ended up saving the day after a flaming car crashed into a bus full of people.

According to the Yorkshire Post, 18-year-old Aleira Kiran was among 40 people taking the bus when the dramatic incident occurred.

Photo: YouTube/UK MediaWatch • Council Estate News

The bus reportedly stopped in the road when a car that was on fire began heading its way. Eventually, the car hit the bus and burst into flames.

Kiran said, “I was upstairs at the front and all I could see was flames. It was like something out of Final Destination.”

After the explosion, everyone on the bus began to panic and evacuate, including Kiran. As she was struggling to get off the bus amid the mayhem, she noticed two women with a baby who were struggling to help themselves.

Photo: YouTube/UK MediaWatch • Council Estate News

Aleira explained to the outlet that one of the women was in tears and said, “Someone needs to take my kid.”

While many people would’ve ignored the plea for help, Kiran sprung into action. She approached the women and offered to take the baby off the bus so they could get to safety while the women finished evacuating.

Photo: YouTube/UK MediaWatch • Council Estate News

It was a stressful and intense situation, but the Yorkshire Post reports that the women safely made it off the bus and thanked Kiran for taking their baby.

You can see the crash for yourself in the video below:

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