Orphaned Puppies Depend On Each Other For Comfort

Being a stray puppy in the world is tough, but it’s a little better if you have someone there by your side.

Teddy and Bear were in such a predicament when they found themselves orphaned in a city in China.

Photo: YouTube/stray city

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan discovered the two puppies along the grass near a riverside path. The “stray city” YouTube channel shared, “No mom, no other dog, just [these] two babies…”

The Good Samaritan scooped the puppies up and took them to get some food. They ate so much! They must’ve been famished. It’s unclear how long the puppies were on their own, but they were both incredibly timid, especially Bear.

Photo: YouTube/stray city

Despite the hardships they’d faced at such a young age, they pulled through and survived it – together.

After getting a little food in their bellies and taking some time to decompress, it seems that they’re both doing much better.

Photo: YouTube/stray city

In the video below, you can see Bear and Teddy playing in the grass and even running up to the Good Samaritan who rescued them! While Bear remains timid and dependent on Teddy, Teddy seems to be coming out of his shell and learning to trust and that’s a beautiful thing to witness.

You can see their rescue and progress in the video below:

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