Teacher Received a Hundred Welcome Back Hugs From His Students After Surviving a Heart Attack

Hard times are much more bearable when support is given by those around you. Encouragement expressed in any form can provide light and hope for that person. They’ll have the motivation to stand up again and not allow bad experiences to define their next step. That’s why it’s important to never miss an opportunity to make others feel special. Everyone is going through something, and sometimes being nice is the help they all need. Let the person know you are proud of them — they were strong enough to face such trials. You can express that through words or actions. What’s important is that they get the message telling them they are never alone.

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A person who serves the community is one of those people who deserve to experience grand gestures. For instance, teachers ensure that the school is a safe learning environment for children. Their dedication to their work is truly admirable, and you can see that when students treat them with respect. Students sometimes also plan a remarkable way to show support for such an incredible teacher. Morgan Wright is an excellent example of a well-loved educator — he was literally welcomed with a hundred hugs as soon as he returned to school.

Photo: Youtube/NBC2 News

The P.E. teacher from Diplomat Elementary School in Cape Coral apparently suffered a heart attack. He was out of school for three months due to high cholesterol and blood pressure. The incident shocked many people, even Morgan, because he was physically active and participated in American Ninja Warrior. Everything went by so fast that the teacher could not believe he had woken up in a hospital gown. He went into a coma, but thankfully Morgan is alive and has built a new appreciation for his job. Once he returned to school, the children took turns giving him a warm welcome hug.

“People always wonder as they get older if they picked the right careers. This is exactly where I want to be,” Morgan lovingly said during an interview with NBC2 News. He even joked around, teased his students, and told some of them that it was because of a shark attack. The adoration from his students was truly apparent as they gave their P.E. teacher a tight embrace. They were all smiles — happy that one of the reasons they love school had safely returned to them. Morgan was motivated by his students, but those hugs conveyed that they were also inspired by their teacher. You can definitely feel the warmth of each embrace by watching the interview below.

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