Teacher Walking On Beach Finds Unknown Fossil That Predates Dinosaurs

When you go for a walk on the beach, you don’t typically think that you are going to change history. It seems as if that is what happened to a high school teacher who was walking on the beach on Canada’s Prince Edward Island.

This wasn’t something new to the teacher. In fact, she does it on a daily basis in order to get her dog a little exercise.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

By the time her walk was finished this day, however, she found an old fossil that paleontologist feel is some 300 million years old.

Lisa St. Coeur Cormier didn’t think much of it when her dog was digging around an old tree root that was coming out of the sand. As it turns out, however, the dog, Sammy, had actually discovered a rib cage.

According to The Washington Post, the teacher said: “When I looked closer, I realized there was a rib cage. And around that, there was a spine and a skull.”

As you can imagine, this really got the attention of the teacher and she decided to let her family in on the find. After her mother-in-law forwarded the images to fossil experts at Prince Edward Island, things took on an entirely new appearance.

One of those experts is Laura Macneill, who runs Prehistoric Island Tours. They visit various sites on Prince Edward Island where fossils exist when she saw the pictures, she knew that they were historical.

According to The Washington Post, she said: “I was really excited to think what this could mean for the island.” Photos of the discovery were shared on Facebook by Prince Edward Island authorities:

Incredible fossil discovery by school teacher Lisa Cormier on the south shore, and a huge effort to retrieve it in a short window between tides. Likely an early and possibly previously unknown reptile.

Posted by PEI: Island at the Centre of the World on Friday, August 26, 2022

In the picture, you can clearly see many aspects of the creature in the fossil, including the skull, spine, and rib cage.

Identifying something like this is not as easy as it may seem. Considering the animal lived in the Carboniferous period or perhaps the Permian period, it is exceedingly old. It was described as being one-of-a-kind.

Prince Edward Island has been the site where numerous fossils were found over recent years. This includes some amazing discoveries that are still being researched down to this day.

One of the reasons why there are so many fossils in the area is because it was still above water during those ancient periods of time. In fact, according to the National Post, one geologist described it this way: “While most of Canada as we know it today was submerged under water, Prince Edward Island was one of the few places with life on land before dinosaurs even walked the Earth.”

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