Officers Discover Abandoned Suitcase Outside Vacation Rental And Hear Squealing Coming From Inside

A mama dog and her 7 puppies were given a second chance at life, thanks to quick-thinking officers who went out of their way to investigate a suspicious situation.

The officers initially responded to a loose mama dog and her puppy running down a busy road. However, after safely securing them with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, the officers returned to investigate the area.

While chasing the mama dog, the officers noticed an unusual suitcase. It was sitting outside a vacation rental, which is fairly common, but the sounds coming from it were quite strange. When they returned to the suitcase, they opened it up and discovered 6 puppies crammed inside!

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared about the situation on Facebook, saying they are “so grateful” for the police for stepping up and helping.

They wrote:

“WELL, THIS IS A FIRST. Yesterday, two Tampa Police Department officers found a Mom and her puppy running in a busy neighborhood off Spruce near Dale Mabry Highway and brought them to us. After returning to the scene to investigate further, they noticed a closed suitcase with squeals coming from inside of it, outside a vacation rental with six puppies stuffed inside!”

They went on to say, “We are so grateful they returned to the scene to save these puppies! Mom, a Terrier Mix, is here resting, and all 7 5-week-old puppies are in our puppy nursery being taken care of by our amazing staff.
Thank you TPD for taking care of these puppies and bringing them to us. It takes all of us to protect the animals in our community.”

The 7 puppies were estimated to be just 5-weeks-old, far too young to leave their mother. Thankfully, the staff at the humane society are doing a great job tending to the tiny pups and as soon as they’re ready, they’ll be put up for adoption.

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