Man Is Scolded after Watching His Daughter for 2 Weeks Alone

I think that most people would agree parenting is a lot of give-and-take. We try to do what we can to chip in, and at times, we may have more give than take.

One man experienced this when his wife took her mother’s ashes back to her home country. She was gone for 2 weeks, caring for important items and visiting with old friends.

During this time, she left her husband at home with their 9-year-old daughter. After things didn’t turn out as expected, he went on Reddit to ask for some advice.

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He Said He Didn’t Complain

Throughout his discussion of what happened, he constantly said he had no complaints and didn’t blame his wife for going out.

While his wife was away, he was busy preparing their daughter for the state exam. He worked with her daily, even when he got sick with a cough, fatigue, and migraine.

When the OP Facetimed with his wife, she asked him what was going on, and he said he didn’t complain or ask her to come back.

When she did come back home after two weeks had ended, she landed and immediately started complaining. She sent him a text message berating him because the daughter had missed one online language class.

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The husband said that he had forgotten between dinner and everything else that was happening. He admitted it had slipped his mind, and it wasn’t intentional.

The Text Messages Continue

The wife continued to angrily send text messages for what he says is ‘one tiny mistake’ he made during the two weeks she was gone.

As you can imagine, there were plenty of comments on Reddit, and questions like this usually take a crazy turn. Many people pointed this out in the comments, saying that if the tables were turned, it would be a different story, pointing out that Reddit tends to be sexist.

Some people were saying he was in the wrong because he should have remembered his daughter’s language class. Others were saying it is not easy to raise children on your own, even if only for 2 weeks.

This is certainly a question that deserves some thought. It’s not that we can change the situation for the man who posted it, but perhaps it can help us to deal with similar situations we may face.

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