Give Me Five! Tabby Cat Greets Delighted Customers in a Pet-Friendly Store

This tabby cat is as smart and funny as Loki, Thor’s brother!

Customers couldn’t help smiling in surprise and delight as they were greeted by Loki, who has the habit of high-fiving everyone he meets. His owner was overwhelmed with joy, as well, as they stopped and chatted with every person who wanted to know more about the tabby cat.

With his own account on Tiktok, lokidoestricks, Loki’s fur parents share with everybody how their life has changed since the birth of this “chaotic” kitty. Now, they feature their family on The Loki Show with Loki’s feline brother Diesel, a cute dog for a cousin, raccoon friends, and of course their fur dad and mom, Alex and Danielle. Don’t expect this home to be full of peace and quiet. Instead, there’s a lot of fun, noise, laughter, and stealing of food around.

Photo: Tiktok/lokidoestricks

Loki confesses he has a really big appetite, with pizza, dumplings, bread, pepperoni, and everything else that’s yummy being his favorite. And occasionally, due to his feline instinct, he takes things like blankets without his fur parents’ permission and leaves a mess around the house.

But, of course, there’s his good side as well – aside from the love of high-fiving with people. He shares his sunshine with Diesel when his brother feels blue, he makes his dad laugh, which is good for his health, and how he shares his fur mom’s child-like passion for the movie The Lion King.


“I laugh in the face of danger.” -Loki…or Simba…I honestly can’t tell those two apart #catsoftiktok #cutecat #happycat #catlover

♬ Circle of Life/Nants’ Ingonyama – Lindiwe Mkhize & Lebo M.

Yes, Loki has come to realize that he’s the domestic cat version of Simba! Mischievous, but loving and noble. That’s why many people respond to him and his high-five greeting with affection and pleasure. What’s Loki’s particularly grateful for is that, despite the fact that they have raccoons as part of their circle of friends, their family doesn’t have Scar for an uncle and hyenas for housemates.

Can you teach your cat to do a high-five like Loki?

Of course, you can teach your feline best friend a lot of tricks, including Loki’s famous greeting. Get your cat clicker, target stick, and treats ready and follow these tips from Cat School:

Photo: Tiktok/lokidoestricks
  1. Begin with basic skills like “sit.” Let your cat also know that a “click” means he will get a reward. When he’s already familiar with this, you can start with simple commands.
  2. Keep the training session short. Don’t push your cat to learn quickly, especially since it will be hard to hold his attention at the start. A session of 2-3 minutes twice a day is good for beginners. Make the training enjoyable for your cat so he will look forward to it, and you can lengthen the session once his enthusiasm has leveled up.
  3. Remove any distractions. Train your cat in a quiet room, away from noises, people, and other pets so he can focus on the skill that you’re teaching him.
  4. You must reward the correct behavior quickly, and give rewards consistently. For more effective clicker training, you must click it at the very moment that your cat performs the right behavior and reward him immediately. Once your cat has associated that behavior with the treat, he will perform the skill by his own will to get rewarded, and it’s a signal that you can now teach him more.
  5. Photo: Tiktok/lokidoestricks
  6. Select the right reward by choosing the treat that pleases your cat. Cats have their own preferences, so you should offer treats that your cat particularly wants.
  7. Don’t punish bad or disobedient behavior. Punishment will just make your cat anxious or stressed. The best way to deal with this is to distract your cat or find out why it’s behaving negatively.
  8. Always use the same hand signals and commands; your cat will learn faster and better with consistent cues.
  9. Schedule training at the right time: morning, after a nap, or before mealtime so your cat feels enough hunger for treats.
  10. Get other family members involved. This way, even if you’re busy, somebody else can take over the training and even help your cat to be more sociable.

Now, let’s get more inspired by Loki’s high-fiving!


Replying to @stephanief26 & @BooDog more high fives…with the addition of kisses and a lion hat #catsoftiktok #happycat #cutecat #catlover

♬ Popular – From “Wicked” Original Broadway Cast Recording/2003 – Kristin Chenoweth

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