Composer Helps Pet Parents With Grief By Writing Sweet “Sympawnies”

You may have never heard of Noam Oxman before, but he is helping people in ways no one had ever thought of doing.

He knew that he wanted to use his talent to help people who recently lost pets, and he came up with a beautiful way to honor their memory.

Photo: YouTube/Sympawnies by Noam Oxman

His idea was to create “Sympawnies,” a combination of three things that are important to him. He can use the music he makes to combine his love of animals, music, and drawing for something exceptional.

Sympawnies aren’t just something that he creates for his own pleasure. They also help others. Pet parents can enjoy the musical scores that are made in the shapes of different animals.

Photo: YouTube/Sympawnies by Noam Oxman

According to his invitation onYouTube, all animals are welcome, whether pets, wild animals, or domestic animals from the farm.

He starts with a drawing of the animal on the page. The drawing is in the form of musical notes, and the sound is something that will be a surprise to you. Even though he has not personally met the animal, the family helps him to know its personality.

Photo: YouTube/Sympawnies by Noam Oxman

One of the compositions is Chubby Cat. He wrote about the animal for which the music was written, saying that he was “sweet and playful and the perfect cuddle buddy.”

He hopes the music sounds like him and wraps things up, saying: “Rest in peace sweet Chubby Cat.”

Another animal that he honored through his music was Henri. He said: “I have been told by Henri’s human that he was a very happy dog and I wanted to reflect it in the music as well.”

He created a unique ‘baroque-style joyful gigue’ that he felt would meet his personality.

A more recent creation was for Foxxy. In memory of that pup, he wrote the Xylopawn nonet. He describes the music as a xylophone nonet that should leave you feeling warm inside. He also balanced it with the wind section to provide character.

At least 20% of the profits from the YouTube channel are given to rescue cats.

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