A Heavenly Sight Appeared in Sweden’s Sky in the Form of a Sun Halo

Celestial bodies are one of the most majestic sceneries in this world. The moon and stars have always been romanticized and are used as a reference for something magnificent. Staring at the glittering sky can easily comfort you — knowing that you are privileged enough to see such an incredible view. The sun is another celestial body that many people admire. It is relaxing to watch the sunrise and sunset — watching how it quickly brightens the world and how the colors of the sky change once it sets.

Photo: Twitter/Figen

However, staring at the sun would be difficult, as it is too bright. Looking directly at the sun can damage the exposed tissues of your eye’s retina. Another effect is short-term damage which causes sunburn in the cornea. The sun is too glorious to stare at, but there will be moments when it is too beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off it. One of those moments is when a sun halo graces the sky like a scene from a fantasy movie. Sun halos rarely happen, but once it occurs, you will feel as if you are blessed because you stayed at the right moment.

Photo: Twitter/Figen

If you witness such a heavenly sight, you will do anything you can to capture the moment. A photographer from Sweden was able to record the sun halo that happened in this video. Later on, the video was uploaded by a Twitter user named Figen. The video was tweeted along with a caption that said, “A very rare solar halo appears over a mountain in Sweden.” It appeared at a ski resort, and everyone stopped at the view. The moment was so dazzling that it felt like an angel was paying a visit to the ski resort.

You might smile and even cry at seeing a wonderful celestial body shine like this. The sun halo consisted of two circles and had several smaller lights on several parts. It was truly so breathtaking that the tweet gained 1.6 million views, 12.1k retweets, 900 quote retweets, and 73.6k likes. You’ll be amazed at how sun halos are formed; fascinatingly, it has something to do with clouds. According to experts, a sun halo appears when high cirrus clouds refract light. It is said that cirrus clouds are made of millions of crystals that refract light from the sun. Moreover, halos can also appear around the moon — so you better watch out whenever you gaze at the moon.

The reply section of the tweet was a combination of awe, questions, and information about a sun halo occurrence. Based on the informative replies, the sun halo was actually called a Sun Dog. Others also pointed out that Sun Dogs are not particularly rare. The sun must be in the correct orientation to align with the ice crystals to refract its light. If you haven’t witnessed a sun halo yet, you can watch the video from The Figen. It might become your inspiration or something you can share to lighten someone’s day.

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