Chester Zoo Shares Video of a Mama Sumatran Tiger Successfully Giving Birth to Two Lovely Cubs

Seeing animals in their baby form can truly melt your heart, and you’ll have the urge to hug them. Even the terrifying predators are adorable when they are infants. That’s why baby animals are one of the most searched, shared, and viewed types of content on the internet. You cannot resist the cuteness, even when they’re just sitting or sleeping in the photo or the video. Baby animals are the source of happiness for most people. Thankfully, there are many sources of young animals on the internet where you can watch and witness their growth. Others even include birth videos caught on a camera, such as this one from Chester Zoo.

Photo: Youtube/Chester Zoo

The animal sanctuary is the home of the endangered Sumatran tigers — making the birthing video even more special. Two new lovely cubs were given life by their mama tiger, who did well during the labor. The population of Sumatran tigers is in a grave state because their natural habitats are destroyed by human activities. They are severely affected by clearing for agriculture, illegal timber harvesting, and forest conversion. The birth of the two cubs is celebrated, as they are beautiful additions to the endangered species.

Photo: Youtube/Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo uploaded the security camera video to their Youtube channel, which has already garnered 25k views. The two cubs were the first babies from Kasarna and Dash’s litter. Mama Kasarna safely went into labor alone on January 7, 2023. Everything was caught on camera, an adorable memory for a precious moment. Later that night, Kasarna and the two baby tigers were accompanied by Dash — now a proud father of two. They all spent time together, grooming each other, and the cubs snuggled between them. It was a lovely sight — both did a great job bringing life into the world.

The babies have been spending time with their mother and will start to have mini adventures as they grow up. Chester Zoo did an excellent job contributing to conserving the rarest tiger subspecies. Currently, only 350 Sumatran tigers are left, but hopefully, more cubs can survive to maintain their existence. It’s a waste to let a rare tiger go extinct — the world is a much more beautiful place with them around. Tigers are majestic creatures that need protection, and you’ll be reminded of that by watching the video below.

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