Kitten Loses Leg After Brutal Abuse But Now He’s Living With A New Family And BFF

When an animal comes into your life, they are more than just a pet. They are a member of the family. We do what we can to ensure they have everything they need to be happy, healthy, and satisfied.

That is how it happens in a loving family, but not all families are so caring. Such was the case for Sugas, a kitten that was horribly abused by his former family.

Photo: TikTok/@anagrijota93

According to his new family’s TikTok, his former family abused Sugas to the point where his leg had to be amputated. Children had tied a rope around the leg and damaged it beyond repair.

Fortunately, someone stepped in to help this little kitten, and they did more than give him a forever home. They gave him a best friend at the same time.

Photo: TikTok/@anagrijota93

Sugas was now a tripod kitten after losing a hind leg. The family took him in and introduced him to another Cat named Oreo. At first, they had a difficult time being around each other. Oreo was used to living on his own.

It took a little while, but since then, Oreo and Sugas have become best friends. They are rarely ever without each other, and they do everything together. It’s heartwarming to see.

Photo: TikTok/@anagrijota93

You can look into the life of Oreo and Sugas in this video. It’s an inseparable friendship that you will come to love.

Check out the TikTok video below:

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