College Student Dangles Over Canal Edge To Rescue Dog Trapped In The Water

A dog trapped in a canal made a happy recovery thanks to some college students that happened to be passing by.

Students Jack Spencer Furmston and Ben Camphor of Manchester Metropolitan University were walking home when they spotted the dog struggling in the canal in Manchester, UK.

Photo: Twitter/@Dbelldb1
Photo: Twitter/@Dbelldb1

They’re unsure how the dog got trapped in the water, but they knew they couldn’t leave him there.

“Everyone was panicking. I couldn’t let that dog down and not help, so I put my jumper down and sprung into action, climbing down first,” Ben said, according to LBC News.

Photo: Twitter/@Dbelldb1

With the help of Jack and other passersby, Ben was lowered head first over the canal edge toward the water. Ben was able to reach down and grab the dog and be hauled up by his feet.

Dabhidh MchicEamailinn happened to be nearby when the scene unfolded and he captured it on video and posted it to Twitter. Check out the video below:

Jack said on Twitter that while no one is sure how the dog ended up in the canal, the important part is that he was ok. Jack wrote, “the dog was saved, not injured, happy as could be, and the owners were very grateful for the help.”

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