College Student Calls Her Pet Cat To Say Goodnight

Leaving for college is an emotional time for both students and their parents. Students leaving home for the first time have a lot of adjustments to make, including managing a dorm room or apartment on their own and learning to cope without seeing their parents everyday.

Students who leave family pets behind also have a big adjustment to make. It’s a bittersweet time for many students. The bonds students form with their pets over the years make parting ways that much more difficult.

Photo: Pexels/Keira Burton

While some students are fortunate enough to bring their pets along to their new living arrangements, others must face the reality of leaving them behind in the care of their families.

Despite the initial heartache of leaving a pet behind, many students find comfort in knowing their pets are safe at home and waiting for their return.

Photo: Pexels/Dennis Perreault

As it turns out, some students don’t wait for the holidays to chat with their furry friends. Some students use modern technology to call their pets while they’re away!

That was seen in an adorable way in a video shared on Reddit.

“When your daughter leaves to college but still has to say goodnight to her cat,” the text overlay in the video reads.

Photo: Reddit/Resident_Code3062

In the clip, you can see an adorable cat lounging on the bed in true feline fashion. The little cat has his hear pressed against a smartphone that’s reportedly on a call.

It appears that the daughter is calling home from college, not to chat with her folks but to say goodnight to her cat. How sweet!

You can see the adorable video for yourself below:

Long distance pals.
by u/Resident_Code3062 in AnimalsBeingBros

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