Security Footage Captures Gang Of Street Dogs Robbing A Toy Store

It’s bad enough when an individual decides to pull off a heist but when a group of thugs gets together, it takes things to an entirely new level.

Security cameras were recently able to capture this at a toy store located in Turkey. It doesn’t show a gang of people trying to rob the store, but rather, it shows three street dogs who decided to hatch their evil plan.

Photo: Facebook/Marmaris TV

In the video, which was shared on Facebook by Marmaris TV, you can see the street dogs arriving outside of the store. Two of them had been hanging out for quite some time, sniffing around and getting rather curious about the sliding doors.

Nobody knows for sure, but perhaps the street dogs were scouting things out at that point, waiting to make their move. It isn’t long before the move was made, because a larger dog, who was apparently the head of the operation, walked in through the front doors while the others stood outside.

Photo: Facebook/Marmaris TV

Most people probably wouldn’t think anything about this, but thanks to the video, we can see that they were actually there with each other. The head dog gave a knowing glance to another pooch and they wag tails at each other. Suddenly, the plan springs into action.

The third dog helps to get the doors open while the black and white dog runs through the doors into the store. Suddenly, there are two of the inside and the third dog is outside.

That is when they see the prize. It is a large stuffed animal and the chief dog runs out of the store with the plushie in his mouth. All three of them then run away.

Photo: Facebook/Marmaris TV

Faruk Can is an employee at the store and was interviewed by Mynet about the unusual heist. He said that the dogs waited until the staff was distracted and then they came in to steal the toy.

It seems as if it wasn’t just a random toy that was stolen, it was a plush dog toy. They were able to recover the toy but not before it had already been ripped to shreds and left abandoned at a nearby park.

This wasn’t the first time that it happened. They had tried it before but were unsuccessful. It seems as if they put their heads together and were able to make off with a $20 toy.

I guess you just never know what dogs are capable of until you see it for yourself.

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