Stray Puppies Become Biggest Love Bugs After Being Rescued

Puppies just want to love, and it’s hard for humans not to love puppies. Their adorable little furry faces, fuzzy wiggle butts, and almost rubbery bellies make them impossible to resist. All over the world, there are people who go out of their way to intervene when they see or learn of animal suffering. That’s the story with the folks at Love Furry Friends Rescue in Ukraine.

rescue puppies
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Ukrainian Pet Crisis

Since the war in Ukraine began, domestic animals and wildlife have suffered tremendously, but there’s only so much residents there (that haven’t fled) can do. Now that it’s winter, staying warm is a top priority for people and strays. Fortunately, when word of two young puppies in need of rescuing got out, @lovefurryfriends came to the rescue.

rescue puppy
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Pet Heroes

The small group of rescuers often rely on tips concerning homeless animals that seem to have been left behind almost everywhere. While locals had tried to create a shelter for the two puppies spied living in the rubble of what was once someone’s home, they needed to get off the streets and under direct care as quickly as possible. The sooner you acclimate juvenile pets to human interaction and handling, the better. For @lovefurryfriends, it wasn’t as much about that as it was ensuring they were safe, fed, and medically sound.

rescue puppies
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Compassion for Animals

When they arrived, both puppies were thrilled to see them. Oftentimes, these animals are terrified from the trauma they’ve been through and hide or cower in the presence of humans. Not these two. Their tails instantly started wagging, and they happily came forward to snuggle and be hugged while sneaking in a lick or two wherever they could. With no sign of their mother around, they were whisked away to safety, their new lives about to begin.

puppy bath
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Animal Welfare

The first thing to happen was for the little boy and girl to be taken to a veterinary clinic for a checkup to ensure they were healthy. Determined to be approximately 2 months old, they had diarrhea and vomiting from eating rotten scraps, so dehydration was initially a concern. After squaring them away at the vet’s office, it was bath time, which is always fun to watch. It was surely their first bath, but they were patient and calm during their thorough scrubbing.

adoptable puppies
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Life is Good!

Once that was accomplished, it was time for some food, more hugs and pets, and exposure to what were surely the first actual toys they’d ever seen or played with. Watching happy dogs play is always heartwarming. Next it was time for their dosage of whatever was prescribed for their upset tummies and dehydration and, of course, getting tucked in for their first night’s sleep in a safe, loving environment where they could spoon one another. It was complete cuteness overload!

adoptable puppy
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Misha & Masha

Given the temporary names of Misha and Masha, the two pups were decked out in colorful knitwear for a puppy photo shoot, presumably to help find them homes. With several outfit and backdrop changes, the footage is not to be missed. You can watch their story in the video posted below. Anyone caring to assist toward @lovefurryfriends’ cause can do so from their YouTube channel. They’ve also created a new channel called Stray Furry Friends you can keep up with.

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