A Redditor Encounters a Possum in Her Backyard, Which She Jokingly Calls a Stray Dog

Wild animals often make surprise appearances in residential areas, especially where the forest is nearby. Those creatures do not intend to harm people but are driven by curiosity. Also, when food and water supply are scarce, they’ll be attracted to places with existing resources. Garbage cans with left-over foods could attract them. Public infrastructures with water, such as fountains, pools, ponds, and sprinklers, could also be their targets. With the ongoing changes the world is experiencing, animals are being affected by slowly losing their food and water resources. Survival can motivate them to set foot where humans reside.

Photo: Reddit/Wotjek824

For this reason, if you see a wild animal who clearly doesn’t intend to attack, then let them be. You could also place food and water in accessible places, especially when it’s too hot outside. A person from Reddit even shared what she did for a possum, who she jokingly called a stray dog in her post. Wojtek824 did not only provide the “stray dog” with food and water, but she also built a little fort in her backyard. The possum was happy with her gesture of kindness. You can see in the five-second clip how the possum was enjoying the food and water. OP did an incredible job helping an animal in need instead of threatening it without reason.

The Reddit post has garnered 17.8k upvotes and about 1k comments. People were interested in the little situation in OP’s backyard, mainly when she mentioned that it was a stray dog. Redditors had fun throwing comments such as, “Pretty sure that’s a cat, but don’t beat yourself up. Easy mistake.” Then OP replied to whatdoings with, “That’s just, like, your opinion, man.” TheCoolPersian wrote, “I had one in my backyard the other day, but as I approached it, it straight up died?! Idk, but when I returned to bury it, it was gone!?” This is one of their unique skills which had saved possums from various mishaps.

While some Redditors had enjoyed a playful conversation, others praised OP for how she helped the possum. “Thank you for giving him shelter and food! This particular breed of dog gets a lot of undeserved hate!” lazylazylemons commented. Wotjeck824 was able to provide entertainment and awareness in one Reddit post. It was only a five-second clip, but a lot of people have garnered realizations from the content. Share the video with your loved ones by sending the link to this Reddit post.

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