Family Calls For Help When A Stray Dog With His Mouth Wired Shut Appears At Their House

When you work at an animal shelter, you never know what you will see from one day to the next. Most days are relatively normal, but then you may get a surprise that you weren’t expecting.

That is what happened when Sgt. Bryan McFarlane with the Orange County Virginia Animal Shelter received a call about a pit bull with his muzzle wired shut. A family had called the shelter, located in Orange, Virginia, saying the dog showed up on their porch.

Photo: YouTube/NBC29 News – WVIR Charlottesville, VA

After arriving on the scene, MacFarlane realized that the dog needed help. The shelter shared on Facebook that he had wire wrapped tightly around his muzzle, and it was put there by a person.

Wyatt had a swollen muzzle and his lower cheeks had already been cut by the wire. They tried to give him a piece of hot dog but he wasn’t able to open his mouth wide enough to take it. The dog also had mange and broken teeth.

They took Wyatt to the veterinarian where he could get the help he needed. The vet said that they had never seen a case of animal abuse so severe.

Even though he had been abused, it only took weeks before he turned the corner. Now he is a goofy dog that loves playing with toys and soaks in all the attention he can get.

In a post on Facebook, the shelter thanked everyone for the loyal love and support they showed. They fundraised enough money to get the dog his dental surgery and he is recovering nicely.

There is more good news. Wyatt is now up for adoption. They are looking for a special family that will provide him with all the TLC he needs for the rest of his life.

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