Stray Pittie Needs Help So He Follows A Man Home From The Bus Stop

Dogs have unique abilities and sometimes, they use them to their advantage. This includes a homeless pup in St. Louis that needed some help.

What do you do when you need help and are living on the streets? You look for somebody that shows you kindness and then follow them to see if you can get some more.

Photo: Pixabay/Rudy and Peter Skitterians

That is what this stray pitbull bid when a man got off a bus and came over to scratch him behind the ears. Suddenly, the pit bull was following him all the way home.

The man recognized that the dog needed help so he called Stray Rescue of St. Louis. They knew that the dog needed help because he was dirty, skinny, and covered with scars.

They named him Orville.

One of the officers for that organization, Donna Lochmann, shard on Facebook that the dog just followed him home so he put him in the backyard and called them.

It’s not unusual for pit bulls to be strays in St. Louis. Many of them are frightened and don’t want to be leashed but Orville didn’t have a problem. He wanted to be rescued.

In a Facebook post, Donna wrote that they arrived on the scene and he had immediate trust for them. Even though he was skinny, smelly, and infected with dog bites around his mouth, he jumped up in their laps and into the car.

They said that once he got to the clinic he climbed in Molly’s lap. They said they were happy to give him all the help he needed.

The dog is about three years old and in their estimation, as “sweet as a cookie.” They are hoping that eventually, they will be able to find the home that he needs.

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