Stray Dog Steals The Show At Brazilian Pageant Competition

When you are at a fashion show, you can expect some surprises. People who were at the Miss São Mateus do Sul 2022 competition in Brazil, however, got a surprise they never could have expected.

It wasn’t somebody coming out in an outlandish outfit or perhaps the next trend, but it was a stray dog who decided to strut out on the catwalk and show his stuff. Of course, the audience couldn’t get enough of him.

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There are typically about 12 locals who compete in the competition for the title. Nobody has really said whether the dog has won a title or not, but the black-and-white stray sure does look good when he’s doing what he does.

Fortunately, Danieli Link Weber was there to capture the moment and she shared it on TikTok. The footage may be short, but you get enough of a view to know that the dog knew what he was doing when he was out there.

Photo: TikTok/

He may have started out somewhat slow when he got on the catwalk but as he started to cruise down to the end, he couldn’t help but look around as people were applauding him. Before he reached the end he jumped off and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Weber spoke with The Dodo, saying that she really laughed and clapped when she saw what was going on. She said: “I thought it was great. He was cheered. There was a lot of laughter and applause from the audience.”

Photo: TikTok/

The winner of the competition Jennifer Jaworski didn’t have any hard feelings because of the dog trying to crash the show. She loved how people were reacting to him and said that she even applauded more because she loved animals.

The visit to the catwalk may have been brief but it is one that will leave a mark on that show for many years to come. E esse doguinho que invadiu a passarela na hora do desfile das candidatasse Miss ! Hahaha que nota vocês dariam ? Eu dou nota 1000 🥰#fy #fyp #viral #dogsoftiktok #passareladossonhos #miss ♬ som original – Danieli

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