Woman Rescues Stray Dog Who Lived In Dollar Store Parking Lot For Weeks

Dog rescuer and foster, Kristin, tirelessly works to save stray and abandoned dogs in Dayton, Texas. She is our hero and one of her recent rescues has touched the heart of people across the country. She captioned the rescue, “Cutest little find at the dollar store”.

The adorable brown dog was spotted by Dollar General employees about three weeks ago. Kristin shared that there isn’t an animal shelter in the county, so it is up to individual rescues to help animals in need.

Screenshot: TikTok/@erwin100315

She arrived at the store and spotted the dog resting under a chair by the front door. Employees informed her that someone was on the way to rescue him. She left her number just in case and it is a good thing she did. The other person was a no-show, so Kristin headed back later that evening to rescue him.

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With the help of employees, Kristin was able to catch the pup and bring him home.

The sweet boy is doing well, and his foster mom shared that he is sleeping a lot. “I think he finally feels safe and getting real rest.” We cannot imagine how tough it must have been for him being on his own for so long.

The video posted to TikTok by Kristin (@erwin100315) has gone viral and people are anxious to learn more about the little fella. Some people suggested names for him like “Dollar Bill” and “General”. Numerous others thanked her for going back and wish him the happiest life.

“Awe what a sweet baby so happy you took him. I can’t believe he was there so long and no one took him home! Bless you.”

Kristin posted an update video which revealed the pup has been named Robbie. After having time to decompress, he received his first bath and is scheduled to be neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated thanks to local rescue Lola’s Lucky Day.

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Lola’s Lucky Day rescues dogs in the Houston area and works with animal shelters in Wisconsin to find them loving homes. Even though Robbie is the best boy, Kristin stated that since she already has a “handful” of rescues dogs at home she will just be fostering him until he is vetted and transferred to Wisconsin.

Be sure to follow Kristin on TikTok and Lola’s Lucky Day on Facebook for more amazing dog rescues.

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