I’m the Older Sister, And I Will Take Care of You: A Tale of Two Orphaned Kittens

Just like children, kittens can get scared when their mom is nowhere in sight.

The fear grows as hours pass by, with mom not showing up to lead them home.

Where is home?

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

The older of the two kittens didn’t know, but instinct urged her that it was time for her to be the protector of her little sister. Now, with their mom gone, she has to play the role of the mother.

That kitten is Pearl, who was rescued with her little sister, Sandy. They are now in a warm and safe place, so different from the grassy spot where they were found beside a large trash bin. Sandy was quick to appreciate the change of environment and the voice of the human who rescued them.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Their new foster mom has come to observe how sweet and protective Pearl is of her little sister. She’s constantly grooming her and making sure that she’s eating well and that she’s safe while playing with her new toys.

The truth is, Pearl is different from Sandy, their foster mom is sad to note. The older kitten does not trust her, and she makes her aware that “Sandy is hers. She already lost her mom, she’s not going to lose her best friend.”

Pearl refuses to warm up to their new human mom. She refuses to play. And she’s always on the watch over Sandy. She doesn’t behave like a normal cat, maybe due to the trauma of being abandoned at an early age and assuming full responsibility for her younger sister.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

But, after more than a week, Pearl must have sensed that they are really in a safe new home. She started to approach their foster mom, play with the toys she’s given them, and interact with other animals through the door.

Pearl and Sandy also met Violet, whom they’ve come to look up to. She taught them to be confident around the house and to have more fun.

After some more weeks, their foster mom can see just how happy and confident her two rescue kittens have become. Now she’s making sure that the two sisters will find a loving, forever home where no one in the family gets left behind.

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