Guest Walks Into Hotel Room And Finds Stray Cat Sleeping In Their Bed

A guest on holiday in Kuta Lombok in Indonesia was surprised to walk back to her hotel room and find an uninvited visitor had taken over!

When they walked into the room, a stray black cat was sprawled across the top of the bed, enjoying a mid-day snooze.

They shared with ViralHog: “At a holiday villa, I left the room to go to reception and came back to the cat in the bed.”

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

It appears they left the door open to the room when they stepped away and the cat simply let itself in. Clever kitty!

According to the Jakarta Globe, Indonesia is home to an estimated 250 million stray cats.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

With such a staggering number of stray cats in a developing country, there are simply not enough resources to control populations and create solutions to the problem.

In fact, Davina Veronica Hariadi, co-founder and chief executive of Garda Satwa Indonesia, told the Jakarta Globe: “The government does have animal shelters. But these are not sufficient to solve all the problems concerning animal welfare in this country. There are just too many stray animals in Indonesia.”

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

While many stray cats are sadly abused by humans, some end up being cared for in a way. Those cats know where and who to go to for care, so while they remain strays, they find food, shelter, and sometimes, a comfortable bed.

The cat in question definitely got a good deal out of things by finding a luxurious villa to rest in! It looks quite the life for a furry feline!

Hopefully the kitty got to hang around and enjoy the vacation. Check out the video below:

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