Could It Be a Secret Obsession? Why This Woman Hates Her Younger Sister’s Boyfriend So Much

Reddit users have been sharing ideas as to the reason why this Original Poster’s sister hates her boyfriend to the point that she would not invite him to her house.

No, she does not want him to dine with them at a restaurant. She does not want to see him at her birthday party, et cetera, et cetera. But, when OP tries to ask her the reason why, her sister cannot answer.

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OP, with the username u/Danitka, shared the story on Reddit’s popular r/AmItheA–hole forum, starting with the following details: “My BF (44) and I (34) have been together for almost 3 years now. The relationship is great, and he is a really awesome guy. All of my friends love him. The only one person that has a problem with him is my sister. Nothing bad ever happened between them, and she is not able to articulate what her problem is. My BF is unaware of any of this.”

You’ll understand OP’s frustration with this further revelation: “The first situation that upset me was when she made a scene when she found out that my BF will be joining us for a dinner with friends. I had some people visiting me in my city and booked a table in a restaurant. Initially for 4, as my BF didn’t think he would be able to join us. In the end, he was free, and I wanted to call the restaurant and change the reservation. At this moment she started to be quite dramatic, and after stating that the dinner was supposed to be without him (and what??), she said that she won’t be coming, because she doesn’t want to cause a problem for the restaurant, as it is so difficult to put the 5th chair to the table LOL. So she said she will sacrifice herself. The joke about the 5th chair still circulates well among my friends.”

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Another aggravating situation caused by her sister’s mysterious dislike/hatred for her boyfriend was the sister’s birthday party. At first, her sister told her that both she and her boyfriend were invited to the celebration. Then, she changed her mind. Then, she vacillated like a foolish child until OP could no longer stop herself from reacting and telling her they would no longer attend the party.

Well, her sister did not hold back from replying with sarcasm, “I didn’t know that you go like a package now.”

Blowing her top, OP answered back, “Mind you that my BF and are quite independent and spent a lot of time without each other. I explained to her that she could just say from the start that she didn’t want him to come, but inviting and uninviting him puts ME in quite an uncomfortable situation.”

Yet, guess what? That was not the end of her sister’s toxic attitude. Now, she’s been making it clear that she does not want OP’s boyfriend ever coming to her house.

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Well, OP has no wish to visit her at home, much less see her older sister. Yes, older. She’s already 46 years old, but she’s behaving like a spoilt teenager. OP instead busied herself with preparations for a Halloween party. Her friends know she loves hosting parties, cooking for them, and welcoming everyone.

Everyone but her sister. When her sister learned that she was uninvited, she complained that OP was punishing her for rejecting her boyfriend. But OP’s response? “I told her that I didn’t invite her to this party, because I have to protect her and cannot expose her to uncomfortable situations caused by my BF being present. Or existing.”

Now, her older sister no longer talks to her.

Was OP being unreasonable and unfair?

Very interesting comments from Reddit users on this story!

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TheAshenDemon4 wrote, “Almost choked on my cereal when I read that she’s 46. NTA.”

ComprehensiveBet1256 likewise remarked, “Why did I think she was a teen or something, but she’s nearly half a century old? Lmao she needs to get a grip.”

Meanwhile, CentralAdmin reasoned, “She is probably single and jealous that OP is dating someone closer to her age and she couldn’t find anyone.”

To which AdVirtual1502 agreed: “I second this…Sometimes our own biggest enemy or backstabber or homewrecker is our own family. My older sister did this same sh-t towards my late husband and me. Always talking bad about him behind his back but in front of others. But quietly sending him messages. It’s embarrassing, pathetic, and nerve-wracking seeing her behave 1 minute totally a–hole and next sniffing my late husband’s dirty laundry. Creepy b-tch. Nta op. Try asking your bf if your sister ever privately messages or calls him. Some people like playing that kinda game.”

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Here’s a imilar perspective from katarzynawielka: “Same age as the BF…sounds like some sour grapes…she probably has this entire scenario in her head about how he’s dating younger women because he can’t handle ‘mature’ women like her and that’s why she hates him.”

On the other hand, BaitedBreaths shared a similar story: “Haha. I had a friend once who absolutely hated another friend’s husband, and no one understood why. Finally, she went a step too far in her rudeness toward him, and we all demanded that she account for herself. She claimed that they’d slept together once when she was right out of college and he very rudely blew her off afterward. My friend asked her husband about it, and he swore he’d never met her in his life. This made angry friend even angrier, because he DIDN’T EVEN REMEMBER HER! It turns out he’s never even been in the city in which this was supposed to have happened, and it’s quite clear he’s not lying about this. It wasn’t him. To give ‘angry friend’ credit, she was mortified and apologized profusely, and he accepted her apology gracefully. At this point, many years later, we can finally joke about it.”

So, what do you think is the reason for the mysterious dislike of OP’s older sister for her boyfriend? Sour grapes? Jealousy? Secret obsession?

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