Family Begs Public For Help In Finding Pet Parrot Stolen Off Their Front Porch

A Southern California family is asking the public for help in finding their beloved pet parrot who was stolen from them.

On March 23, the Santa Ana Police Department shared about the theft on Facebook. They explained that on March 12, a heavy-set Hispanic male walked onto the family’s porch and stole their African Gray Parrot, cage and all.

Photo: Facebook/Santa Ana Police Department

The man proceeded to carry the massive cage with the bird still inside to a waiting red SUV, loaded it into the trunk, and drove away with another male in the vehcile.

Abigail Ayapantecatl took to Facebook to share that the parrot, Luna, belongs to her brother and needs daily medication. She said, “Our parrot is sick and needs daily medication. She was out in her cage getting some air, as she is an indoor bird, and these 2 men took her in matter of seconds.”

Photo: Facebook/Santa Ana Police Department

She went on to say, “My brother tried chasing them down but they drove off quickly down Main towards Warner. I’ve attached photos of these individuals. No license plates on their red SUV. We’ve filed a police report but we need help from everyone to spread the word. We’re devastated, we just want our parrot back.”

According to ABC 7, Karen Gerardo, one of Luna’s owners, said: “It’s been difficult. You know, the cage wasn’t a small cage. It was a 4′ by 2′ in the middle of our living room, and having that void is a daily reminder that our pet is no longer with us. Not because it died, but because it was stolen by someone.”

The parrot’s estimated worth is around $2,500.

You can see the theft for yourself in the footage below:

The police department is asking anyone with information on the theft to contact Detective A. Castro at (714) 245-8345.

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