Stolen Donkey Foal Returns Home For Sweet Reunion With Mom

A tiny donkey foal has been reunited with her mom after being stolen weeks prior.

On May 15, Miller’s Ark took to Facebook to share the sad news that their foal, Moon, had been stolen.

Photo: Facebook/Miller’s Ark

They said, “Sadly this afternoon at Miller’s Ark little Moon has been stolen from the field. We are completely devastated and incredibly concerned, she was only born at the beginning of March and needs to be with her Mum.
This little donkey will be braying loudly tonight because she will be missing her mum badly. This is our chance to find her.”

They went on to ask the public for help in finding her, and also offered to let whoever stole her return her by night so she can be with her mom. Unfortunately, Moon didn’t show up.

Considering donkey foals need to nurse with their mothers for 4-6 months, Moon’s disappearance was especially troubling.

However, word was out about the stolen foal and the police and public got involved in making sure she returned home.

On June 1, Miller’s Ark shared amazing news: Moon was found!

Photo: Facebook/Miller’s Ark

They wrote on Facebook:

“Yesterday evening we travelled to Buckinghamshire, liaised with Thames Valley Police and have recovered little Moon. We are beyond thrilled and Mum and foal are finally back together. Moon appears to be in good health, thank heaven, and we will make sure that Moon and her mum Astra get lots of love and care as they re discover each other.”

In a June 3 update, Miller’s Ark shared that Moon and her mom had a “very special” reunion late at night. They said, “We didn’t take any footage at that time because they just needed to be together.” They noted that both are doing well and are “slowly relaxing with each other again.”

They added, “It’s been a long time to be apart, so lots of adjustment. But the amazing thing is that she is home and thank you everyone for sharing (this was key to finding her) and for your love and support.”

We’re so happy Moon is back home safe and sound!

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