The Brand-New iPhone 14 Is Now Available, and Steve Jobs’s Daughter Had an Interesting Reaction

Waiting for new products from Apple has turned into a yearly experience for their loyal customers. Even non-users are on the watch of what’s new in each version of the iPhone. Recently, the technology company released the latest iPhone 14, and people have been sharing notes about it. Since its release, the internet has been filled with content comparing it to the iPhone 13.

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According to this review from The Verge, the iPhone 14 can also be called the iPhone 13s. Apparently, the two iPhones did not have much difference, especially in the design. It also has minimal upgrades compared to iPhone 13’s features — making it not as new as people expect it to be. For this reason, many people on the internet made jests about the Apple release. The internet was filled with memes and hilarious reactions. Some posts were because of disappointment, while others created memes just for fun.

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Surprisingly, Steve Jobs’s daughter couldn’t help but join by sharing memes. It was a post from an Instagram page named wallstbest, and she shared it on her Instagram story. The meme showed a man wearing a checkered shirt and holding a similar shirt in his hand. In the photo, the text says, “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.” The interpretation was so on point that even Eve had to share it.

Aside from Eve, the hilarious meme also caught the attention of 39,903 Instagram users. Some people only commented with laughing emoticons, while others shared their sentiments about the latest Apple product. Instagram users also flexed that they have been using the older versions of the iPhone, which shows how sustainable it is.

Eve sharing the meme on her personal account made Apple users feel more validated. It was both hilarious and interesting — the daughter is one with the people. All jokes aside, Apple might have done some feature upgrades that people will surely find helpful. It’s up to you and your research to decide if you need to upgrade to iPhone 14 or stick with your iPhone version for now.

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