Watch The Moment Steve Irwin Was Bitten By A Python

The world really lost something when it lost Steve Irwin. He wasn’t just an entertainer, he was someone that introduced us to the wonders of wildlife in a very unique and personal way.

Although he is gone, we have videos to look back on and we can still enjoy some of his antics and some of his teachings as he handles animals that most of us will never have an opportunity to see in person. This includes one time when he was handling a python on live TV.

Photo: YouTube/DecaffinatedBoy

Of course, Irwin was accustomed to having run-ins with wild animals. From being chased by a Komodo dragon to being bitten by a crocodile, there was always something interesting that was just around the corner. In this particular case, however, it was something that even he wasn’t expecting.

It seems as if he had this large snake around his neck and shoulders. As he was talking to the woman he was with, he let her know that he doesn’t feel scared because the python would not bite him.

Photo: YouTube/DecaffinatedBoy

He said: “He won’t bite and he hasn’t got venom.”

Unfortunately, it was just after he uttered those words that the snake decided to bite him. It bit him on the neck, which would’ve sent most of us into an immediate panic button Irwin showed his true colors.

He never panicked, not even for a moment but he did realize that he had to get the snake to lose its grip. Obviously, the snake was biting him on the neck so he couldn’t see it so he asked the cameraman to zoom in so he could take a closer look.

Photo: YouTube/DecaffinatedBoy

Just as the cameraman was zooming in, the snake let go and he continued on with his interview. That moment of acting calm in the face of difficulty really defines Irwin and it is just one more reason why we miss him so much.

Check out the video below to see the moment for yourself:

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