Pitbull Spends His Life on a Heavy Chain Until Rescuers Come Along

When Russia invaded Ukraine, it caused problems for many people in the country. There were many who left the country to escape the war and the tragedies, but they left behind tragedies of their own.

These tragedies came in the form of dogs and cats that were left behind to fend for themselves. Fortunately, there is a couple in Ukraine that helps with those pets and finds them forever homes.

Photo: YouTube / Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

In this particular situation, they got a call about a pit bull living on a chain. The chain was so short that the dog could barely reach his kennel.

The Dog Was Left Behind

When they arrived on the scene, they saw what had actually happened. The owners had evacuated because of the war and left him behind.

They were there to help the dog, and he seemed to know it. You could see his tail wagging, holding onto hope that good days were just ahead.

Photos: YouTube / Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel

After releasing the dog, whom they named Toby, they gave him some dog food. He was so hungry that he gobbled it all down!

It wasn’t just some food that they gave to this dog; they were there to change his life. They took him to the veterinarian and made sure he got all of the care he needed.

Three weeks later, Toby was a different dog. He had really grown and healed during that short time.

His neck, which had been torn by the chain and the collar, was now healed. He had also gained weight, and they taught him how to walk on a leash.

Toby will make a wonderful addition to the right family. They are looking for someone to adopt him.

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