Staffordshire Terrier Loves Being Pet So Her Mom Made A Sign To Let People Know

Most everyone loves dogs, but sometimes there are certain breeds that get a bad rap.

Often times it’s the bully breeds that are called dangerous or aggressive. But anyone who has ever met a pitbull or other bully breed knows that these pooches are actually quite lovable and adorable.

A one-year-old blue Staffordshire Terrier living in the North Queensland area of Australia is melting hearts across the internet with her sweet disposition.

Photo: TikTok/@tubsthebluestaffy

Tubs is the staffy that has only one desire in her life: to make new friends! She loves to hang out in the front yard of her family’s home and greet everyone that walks by. In fact, this sweet little pooch is counting on people reaching out to pet her. Whenever that happens it just makes her day.

Sadly, because she’s a staffy she comes off as a little intimidating to some people. Those people that misjudge her and don’t pet her leave her very, very sad.

Photo: TikTok/@tubsthebluestaffy

Her owners noticed this, and given that they didn’t like seeing their beloved Tubs sad, they decided to do something to help Tubs in her endeavor to make friends. They constructed a colorful sign which read, “Tubs is friendly, she would love a gentle pat.”

Tubs’s mom posted videos to social media, and they have since gone viral. We can see why, Tubs is absolutely adorable! It’s clear that nothing will get this little pooch down. And the sign seemed to help as well!

Photo: TikTok/@tubsthebluestaffy

However, there are still some that don’t want to pet Tubs. As her owner explains, “Not everyone pats Tubs and that’s okay…we understand but Tubs Does not. Lucky she is so loved by mummy, dad, friends, family and 99% of the neighbourhood.”

Check out the sweet video below:

@tubsthebluestaffy She loves all the attention and our neighbours love her🐶🔆 Follow the link in the bio for Tubs Instagram #fyp #love #staffordshirebullterier #staffylove ♬ ghost town (voice memo) – Chloe George

Tubs has quite the fan following where she lives. Since her mom put out the sign there has even been an increase in those coming to see her. As a result, Tubs has become something of a canine ambassador for the staffy breed, showing how these dogs are so loving and friendly – the absolute opposite of the stereotypes often associated with them.

How sweet is she? You can see more of Tubs on Instagram, @tubsthebluestaffy.

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