St. Bernard and Cow Develop Adorable Friendship at Virginia Sanctuary

Five years ago, Susan Klingenberg came home with a newborn calf named Bucket that she’d gotten at a livestock auction. After their arrival, the baby bovine lay down almost immediately on a bed belonging to Klingenberg’s 4-year-old St. Bernard, Colton, and fell sound asleep.

The following day, Colton and Bucket got better acquainted, spending their time frolicking outside as if they were both dogs romping, licking, and snuggling together. It was the perfect place for the odd pairing to happen, as Klingenberg is the founder of Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary in Brodnax, Virginia.

Behaving as if they were two peas from the same pod, she began posting impossibly cute videos of the new BFFs on the sanctuary’s Instagram account and YouTube channel @LittleBucketsFarmSanctuary.

dog and cow friends
Photo: YouTube/@littlebucketsfarmsanctuary

Animal Sanctuaries

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary is a nonprofit 501c3 vegan sanctuary that shows the public how farm animals have loving, fun, sweet personalities with strong family bonds and friendships, and that they feel the same emotions as your domestic pets. Their mission is to demonstrate that there is no difference and that we should love all animals by living compassionately.

dog and cow pals
Photo: YouTube/@LittleBucketsFarmSanctuary

The Odd Couple

While Bucket’s calf days are well behind him at this point, even at 1,200 pounds he and Colton are still fast friends that play, snuggle, and groom one another. These days, Bucket just kneels down to be closer to his rescue pal, preferring instead to be on his level. It’s easier to cuddle that way.

Klingenberg reportedly refers to Bucket as a “grass puppy” because he responds to her like a dog and has the personality of one, too. Regarding their unique relationship, Klingenberg has been noted as saying, “They truly love each other. It’s special to witness. It really has been a beautiful friendship.”

rescue dog
Photo: YouTube/@LittleBucketsFarmSanctuary

Special Friendships

These special relationships continue to grow each day as we regularly read of ducks and cats, dogs and elephants, lambs and dogs, magpies and cats, burros and goats, and many, many other unusual pairings that have bonded and see beyond their outward physical differences. As humans, we should be so blind to appearances and take a cue from our animal friends about the true meaning of acceptance and friendship.

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