A Group of Women Devised a Plan to Carefully Save a Squirrel Trapped Inside Their Walls

Animals move from one habitat to another, especially when the previous one can’t accommodate their needs. The weather and climate are huge factors why they have to move. During winter, mammals and birds search for warmer places to stay. Safety is also essential to why animals look for a new home. For instance, pregnant squirrels search for safe and secure spots to build their nest. And sometimes, a house is the perfect target for them, specifically the hidden corners.

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Squirrels take advantage of an impenetrable infrastructure — a place where predators won’t reach them. Pregnant squirrels could safely give birth to her babies and nurture them there without worrying about predators lurking around. Other than that, they use the house as their source of food. When you have a bird feeder, they’d snatch something from it and compile food in the nest they build in your attic or basement. If you also have a mini garden of vegetables, then the squirrel would most likely gather food from there as well.

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The rodent can easily pass between walls and tight spaces with their flexible, tiny bodies. They could enter via the roof edge, soffit edge and vents, roof vents, gable vents, and wall vents. Squirrels are smart enough to navigate every nook and cranny of a house. However, others get trapped and need immediate attention due to underlying dangers. For this reason, you need to inspect your house whenever you can. There might be animals freely lodging in different spaces of your home that often bring fire hazards and unsanitary conditions. If you find one, better call for help or safely devise a plan like the women from a video featured by The Dodo.

The video was initially shared by Courtney Blaisdell to ViralHog, and it was indeed an interesting scenario. Three women from the same household worked together in order to take a squirrel out of their walls. One woman was assigned to open a hole in the wall with a cutter while the other lady held the container to enclose the area. Then another woman was on stand-by to close the container with the tray she was holding. As they waited, the three women were also talking to the squirrel — reassuring him that he’d be out in no time. They patiently waited for him to enter the container, and as soon as he did, they all returned to their respective roles.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

It was a carefully devised plan, and no one was harmed during the process. They all went hand-in-hand to bring the squirrel outside — each holding onto different corners of the tray. Before completely letting the squirrel go, they searched for a safe spot to release him. They even named him Fluffy, although they weren’t sure of seeing each other again. The once trapped rodent is now free in the wild, thanks to the three ladies.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

It was nice of them to make the extra effort to save the squirrel, even if it took some time. You must watch the rescue operation that happened in their very own home. The video also serves as a reminder to check your house from time to time to ensure no animals are wedged between your walls.

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