Wild Squirrel and Dog Become Friends With a Daily Visit

This is the true story about a wild squirrel that stops by for a daily visit with her BFF, Oliver the dog.

We’ve all heard that birds of a feather flock together, but that doesn’t always hold true. We’ve also heard about ‘strange bedfellows,’ and that seems to fit this story quite nicely.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

It’s a true story about a wild squirrel that comes every day to visit a dog. She is very faithful about her visits, and if she doesn’t come for a few days, she is sorely missed.

A Friendship Is Born

That squirrel, whom they named Helen, comes to the window every day to peek in and stare at her canine friend. The dog, Oliver, doesn’t always pay her mind, but he tolerates her, all the same.

Even when Oliver was out for a walk, Helen would stare at him from a distance. It was almost like she wished she could come for an up-close and personal visit.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

Sometimes, Helen would come to the window and stare inside for a long time. Oliver had his chair nearby, and he would sometimes just turn around and ignore the fact that she was there.

He may have pretended like he didn’t care, but if Helen didn’t come around for a few days, he propped himself up at the window and looked outside.

BFFs For Life

It took some time, but Oliver eventually warmed up to Helen, and they have had some special moments since that time.

The human in their lives even realizes just how special it is, so she wrote a song about them. It outlines the friendship they have and how they are ‘two peas in a pod.’

She spends most of her days with Oliver at home and appreciates the friendship that has grown. Looking back, she thinks about how every holiday and every major occasion included Helen, often staring in the window and probably wishing she was inside.

People could learn a great lesson from these two animals. You don’t have to be the same to be friends.

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