You Sold My Cat! Wife Divorces Deceitful Husband for Selling Her Pet Online

For animal lovers all over the world, it’s still difficult to understand how some people could be so cruel toward these living creatures whose existence benefits our planet and our lives.

People who don’t love animals are not obligated to take them in as pets. But it’s respect for animals and other humans who care about them which these people should at least show.

Well, one husband learned his lesson in a most aggravating way about why he should respect his wife and her wishes for her personal cat, Molly.

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Posted by u/famousfiend9595 on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole, OP wrote, “My husband and I have been together for 2 years. We had a beautiful cat named Molly whom he did not have any issues with until recently. Last week he kept complaining about how the cat was ‘annoying him’ and how her meowing was distracting him from working. I replied to his complaints asking why he was just bringing it up now when we’ve had the cat for a year now. He went off. He started yelling about how he ‘put up’ with the cat because he loved me and that he couldn’t bear to break it to me that he hated cats. I felt betrayed and angry since he wasn’t honest with me from the start.”

That evening, the two of them made up, with OP agreeing to give the cat to her cousins, whom she knew would love Molly and take care of her very well. It was also a practical solution for OP since her cousins live nearby and she could visit her cat as often as she wanted.

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However, the following day, her cat could no longer be found. OP thought Molly ran away, but her husband later admitted that he had sold her to a total stranger on Gumtree.

“I was furious and kicked him out,” continued OP. “He’s now texting me, calling me stupid for kicking him out and [saying] that he didn’t deserve any of this.”

And despite asking Reddit’s opinion if she was right for kicking her husband out of the house, OP said in an update that she already filed for a divorce. And yes, she was lucky enough to find Molly again in an animal shelter! Her husband’s claim that he had sold her cat could have been another lie, but the most important thing was that she and Molly are reunited.

Photo: Pexels/Sam Lion

Prior to OP’s updates, sympathy for her and her cat were pouring in from Reddit members.

“NTA. Go claim your cat back, he had no right selling something that belonged to you. Take it to small claims if you have to. And don’t let your husband back in, ever. If someone is capable of doing this, knowing how much they will hurt you, who knows what else they might do,” advised by a Reddit commenter.

“I don’t think the issue is the fact that he doesn’t like cats; he is in fact jealous of the cat! She had found a home where she could still visit the cat, and that’s the issue. He didn’t want her to be able to see the cat ever again! And for me, this is a red flag as to how will he be towards any children you may have in the future. How is he with you spending time with your friends? Take the time and think about what issues could arise in the future,” another person wrote with anger toward the lying, insensitive husband.

“This is a level of betrayal I couldn’t handle,” admitted a Reddit member. “I’d literally forgive being cheated on sooner than I’d forgive someone for doing this to my pet. I’d get lawyers for divorce and truly never say another word to this man. Disgusting.”

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