Three City Cats Travel The World With Their Owner

Three cats from New York City are getting the chance to travel the world with their owners, Dan and Olivia Nguyen.

Cats may not be typical travel companions, but this trio is breaking all stereotypes!

The cats, a Scottish fold named Sponge Cake and two British shorthairs named Mocha and Donut, were born in 2020 and have been with the Nguyens since.

When the world slowly began to reopen for travel since the COVID-19 pandemic, Dan and Olivia decided they wanted to take some vacations but they didn’t want to leave their furbabies behind.

Most people would hire a cat sitter or find a friend or relative to watch their cats, but Dan and Olivia decided to do a little extra work and bring their cats with them.

Speaking with The New York Post, Dan explained:

“We had a few trips planned and we wanted to bring them with us. It was hard to not be with the cats because we consider them our family. We know it’s a little untraditional to travel the world with a cat, let alone three, but we love them and they love us, so it doesn’t feel so crazy to us.”

They started small, with a local trip to Central Park. Once they felt comfortable with how the cats were doing on leashes, they decided to take their first “real” trip together to Florida.

After that trip was a success, they traveled to Northern California and visited San Fransisco and Sacromento. But their travels didn’t stop there.

Being even more comfortable with how their trio of cats would do, Dan and Olivia decided to take them internationally on trips to France and Italy. The cats didn’t just stay in a hotel room, either. They went out to explore the Eiffel Tower and the Venice canals. They even took a ride on a gondola!

The couple plans on taking the cats with them on an upcoming trip to Switzerland.

Speaking with The New York Post, Dan added that they don’t travel all the time, but “really only twice or so a year.”

He said, “We have enough content to post on social media all the time because we’re always taking photos of them when we take a trip.”

You can see more of Sponge Cake, Mocha, and Donut on Instagram, @spongecake_thescottishfold, or on TikTok, @spongecake_cats.

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