A Special Needs Duck Was Neglected as a Duckling, But Then the Right Person Found Him

It’s always a sad scene when an animal gets ignored in a store while others are getting adopted. Films and television series have made countless versions of this scene — whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, etc. In real life, animals getting left out truly happens, especially when they are deemed different, sickly, or “not cute” by a person’s standards. But luckily for one duck, although he was ignored multiple times, the right person arrived at the perfect time.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Who would’ve thought that a simple plan to buy things at Tractor Supply would have led Sarah to a feathered friend she will cherish for a long time? “I went to Tractor Supply, and that’s when I saw Sunny over in a corner by himself,” Sarah shared. “He had the little poof on his head, and I just could not leave the store without him.” The little duck found the person for him; coincidentally, Sarah already has a flock of ducks at home. However, the ducks ignored Sunny and wouldn’t huddle with him. Due to his condition, the ducks might have found him a bit odd.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

During Sunny’s stay at Sarah’s home, she noticed that the duck showed symptoms of a certain ailment. Sarah brought him to a vet to determine his health issue. Apparently, Sunny had an upper respiratory infection, making him sound wheezy and his eyes water. The vet prescribed Sunny antibiotics, which must be taken for two weeks. They also found out that the crest on his head was due to a genetic mutation. With the help of a caring human, Sunny still developed well and healthily grew. According to Sunny’s vet, if the duck hadn’t been given the proper attention and care, he wouldn’t have survived at all.

“Later, we found out he is completely blind in his left eye. He would run into things. He would swim in circles,” Sarah said. “You would reach for another duck to pick him up, they would run, but he wouldn’t really see you coming. Either that or he didn’t mind being picked up,” she explained. For this reason, Sunny often tilts his head to see things properly. He may be a bit odd for a duck, but Sunny has gained friends on Sarah’s farm, and the other animals are his best buds.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

The special needs duck is showered with affection and respect by Sarah’s pets. Her dogs love to cuddle with Sunny. They also share food with him; even Sarah’s cat let Sunny have his way. The duck certainly lives up to his name — he is warm as the sunshine. He may not have gained the affection of his flock, but others have seen qualities that make him special.

Sunny has a strong bond with Sarah’s family, and her kids immensely love him. He is indeed the ray of sunshine in their lives. It’s wonderful that Sarah was the one who adopted him — he is one lucky duck to have found a warm, loving family. Sarah has created an Instagram account for Sunny, and you can follow him there. Get your own daily dose of sunshine with every post on his page. Learn to appreciate yourself with Sunny’s story. No matter how different you are, you will always be loved by the people who see you for who you are.

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