Boy With Special Needs Meets A Gentle Horse For The First Time

Roni Nili-Green is familiar with horses and has spent plenty of time working with them, but even he was surprised to witness the beautiful bond his son instantly developed with a gentle horse.

Roni’s son, Erez, suffers from Williams Syndrome (WS) and is just one of 150 people in the country of Israel to have the disorder.

Photo: YouTube/Roni Nili-green

According to the Williams Syndrome Association, WS is a rare genetic condition characterized by “medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning challenges.”

Those with Williams Syndrome are often highly social, verbal, and friendly, but they can lack awareness surrounding love and affection.

Photo: YouTube/Roni Nili- green

Erez got to meet a horse that was new to Roni’s care and the experience did not disappoint. Despite being massive, the horse was incredibly gentle and patient as Erez held its leg and refused to let go.

Roni shared on YouTube that he’s been working with horses for 15 years and is still blown away by the emotional intelligence the horse displayed when greeting his son.

Photo: YouTube/Roni Nili- green

The horse didn’t just seem to tolerate Erez and his affection, but welcome it! He also held incredibly still as Erez was near his legs to avoid harming the child.

Animals are so special. It’s incredible what kind of bond they can form with people when given the chance.

Check out the sweet video below:

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