Luke is One of Those Special Dogs That Struggles with the Stress of Shelter Life. Can You Help?

Meet Luke, a friendly boy who found himself at Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona, through no fault of his own. Luke’s one of those special dogs that struggle with the stress of shelter life but almost immediately relaxes once they’re away from the kennel. He’s a 4-year-old neutered pit bull terrier that weighs approximately 68 pounds, but those are merely stats.

Here’s what just a few of his many fans have said about this sweet, special boy to give you a better picture of what to expect:

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Shelter Dogs & Stress

“Another volunteer and I took Luke on a quick shelter break today. He hopped right in the car and rode great in the backseat, resting his head on my shoulder at times while I drove. He was patient while we went through a drive-thru for some snacks, then we headed to the park. Luke enjoyed rolling in the grass, quietly chewing his toys in the shade, running a few zoomies, and getting belly rubs. He’s a fan of French fries and was very polite when taking them. This boy is a total doll – loving, affectionate, silly, and sweet. He’s such a different dog away from the shelter, I’m hoping he finds a home soon. Total catch!!”

“Luke is such an overlooked boy. He’s strong and has pent-up energy from being in the kennel for so long, but deep down he is just a big softie who knows he belongs in a good home. Luke loves his walks and joyfully rolls in the grass and asks for belly rubs. On the outside, he might seem stoic and hard to get to know, but Luke secretly enjoys lots of love and will give kisses to his friends.”

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

“He enjoys tennis balls and running through the pool. I really love this boy and feel like he would be a wonderful, easy companion in the home. It takes a few minutes to get to know him because of the stress of living at the shelter, but once you do, you realize what a wonderful, funny, playful, and sweet boy he is.”

“I have been working with Luke on having him wait at the kennel door before exiting, and now he will sit and wait with the kennel door open and then exit with me when I’m ready. He knows ‘sit’ and ‘shake’ (with both paws) and we’re working on learning ‘down’ right now. He also loves to climb up on the picnic tables in the park. He is a smart boy, and I love him.”

adoptable dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Pima Animal Care Center

During his most recent evaluation with other shelter dogs, Luke was playful, social, and very bouncy. He’d like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure it’s a good fit. Luke is being treated to plenty of love and affection at PACC, but they’re really hoping this long-stay resident can find the forever home that he deserves soon. If you’ve got some room in your home and heart for a very good boy, please inquire about Luke!

If you are interested in learning more about Luke, please email with additional questions. He’s in Kennel D164, and his ID# is A775868. He’s been at the shelter since April 23, 2022, and he’s soooo ready to go home today! Watch him in action below.

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