You’ve Helped Feed and Provide Care for Rescued Raccoons, Turtles, and Squirrels

The South Florida Wildlife Center (SFWC) cares for and rehabs more than 10,000 wild animals each year, making them the highest volume wildlife care facility in the state. Thanks to your clicks, shopping for a cause, and direct donations, they were recently given some extra resources to help the nearly 300 species that come through their doors each year.

Earlier this summer, SFWC received a wide variety of donated supplies from Greater Good Charities. Among them were formula for young animals, bottles, and turtle pebbles. These items will help the rescued wildlife from Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties that find their way to the center.


SFWC says, “Thanks to the generosity of Greater Good Charities, your donated products have made a tremendous impact on our Rehabilitation and Nursery Departments… Many patients in rehabilitation require specialized diets, well equipped enclosures, and appropriately appointed spaces. It is crucial for our staff to closely monitor the rehabilitation, nutrition, and stress levels of patients. The items that you have contributed allow for the optimal usage of these supplies and provide safest environment for their recovery.”


Among the estimated 300 individual animals benefitted were raccoon babies, which were able to use litter pans for food bowls. The organization says the pans are the perfect size for the babies, who require larger, practical bowls that can be washed and reused. This nourishment helps strengthen and prepare them for ultimately being released back into the wild.


The pans are also helpful for sea birds, as staff puts softer materials in them that emulate what they’d be walking on in their natural environment, which helps protect their feet.

Donated blankets have also come in handy.

The organization says, “Baby season in Florida is from March to October with two major peaks during this long season, one in the spring, the other one in mid-summer… Mammals, especially babies, should always be kept warm and comfortable. These blankets help us provide the necessary soft and warm substrate for our patients. When orphaned babies come into our center, they are very scared at first, as they are experiencing a completely different environment than they would in the wild with their parent(s). During the seasons, we typically have over 100 babies at any given time, with us. With these blankets, we can now continue to provide all our orphaned/injured babies with a warm and comfortable environment.”


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