Police Officer’s Small Act Of Kindness Changes Woman’s Life For The Better

A woman in Greenville, South Carolina is praising her local police department after a kindhearted deputy changed her life for the better.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to share how Deputy Eric Alligood impacted the woman in such a small but profound way.

Photo: Flickr/Donald West License: CC BY 2.0

In the Facebook post, they said:

“We recently received a beautiful message from someone who had an interaction with one of our deputies, on one of her hardest days. With her permission, we are sharing her message and pictures here.
For Deputy Eric Alligood, and all our deputies who do things like this daily, thank you for exemplifying the type of service GCSO is about. You make Sheriff Lewis and the entire agency proud!”

Photo: Facebook/Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

They went on to share the woman’s message. She explained that Alligood responded to her house and recognized that she needed “someone to listen. Someone to show they cared at the present moment and to be compassionate.”

She said, “The courage it took to step away from his title of Deputy while still in uniform to be just a genuine kind human being was everything and more. He’ll never understand how much that hug truly meant to me the world needs more people like him.”

Photo: Facebook/Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

She said that while the act of kindness happened over around a month, she’s still thinking about it. She said, “compassion can change someone’s entire life.”

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