Son Hilariously Challenges His Mom By Double-Locking the Refrigerator and Hiding the Keys

A family always has that one trickster that makes the house chaotic and fun at the same time. They have a lot of fun ideas in mind, which they plan to execute on whoever their target is — whether it’s their siblings or parents. Your daily life will be like an episode from a funny sitcom with them. You only need a laughing background or some documentary-style direction during those hilarious family moments. The prankster could be one of the children, but sometimes parents also have fun.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Every time the trick is executed, you don’t know whether you’ll be mad or laugh first. It’s during those times when the family gets closer — the house feels homier when the family laughs together. However, family members should also be held accountable when the prank crosses the line. Do not put someone at risk to be funny and satisfy yourself with the outcome you’ve been waiting for.

In one household, a son’s kind of fun was challenging his mom with a couple of riddles. He double-locked the refrigerator; the keys could only be found if she figured out the clues. Good Morning America shared the whole clip on Youtube, which has greatly entertained its viewers.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

The mom was seen sitting on the floor with a lock and a phone in her hand. She was on a call with her son, who locked the refrigerator. The woman’s son, Joshua, gave the first clue, a book. She willingly followed her son’s clue without a fuss, as if it were perfectly normal for her to solve riddles to get into her refrigerator. It shows how the two are so close and have a wonderful bond as mother and son. After finding the first key, the mother called Joshua again, only to be told there was a second one. Joshua gave a line as a clue: “Who was the fairest of them all?” The mother quickly solved it, with a mirror as her answer.

To make things funnier, Joshua calls his mom “birth giver” — they indeed have a tight bond for him to call her a pet name like that. “This reminds me of Sheldon from big bang theory,” Carolina Espinoza commented. It was definitely similar to comedy sitcoms, but if it was Sheldon, the mother would have to solve something about physics.

Thankfully, the riddles were quite easy, and the refrigerator is now open again for the family. Watch the entire video below. You’ll definitely have a great laugh and might be tempted to try Joshua’s challenge at home.

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